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Card Games

Ideal Tripoley The Game of Michigan Rummy, Hearts and Poker Deluxe Mat Edition Card Game

Family favorite game for 75 years
Combines Michigan Rummy, Hearts and Poker
Designed for 2-9-players
Includes a 100 Tripoley chips, 2 sided 24x24 inch deluxe felt mat, card deck and instructions in English and Spanish

Summoner Wars: Alliances Master Set

For 2 players
Plays in 60 minutes
Box is designed to hold all your Summoned Wars decks
Includes new neoprene game mat


“The perfect party game.” – New York Times
“The most you will ever laugh playing a game.” – Shut Up & Sit Down
The rules are simple: get your friends to guess the name on the card

DVG: Warfighter, World War II Tactical Combat Card Game

Card game of low level tactical combat on the Western Front during the last year of World War II
Sister game of a game with very similiar name focused on special forces actions in the contemporary era
Played cooperatively by up to 6 players, or as a solitaire game

Codex Core Set

A real-time strategy video game in card form
Contains all six red and green faction heroes
Includes two custom-made card binders with easy-removal pockets
Part of the Fantasy Strike Universe

Cthulhu's Vault

A creative story-telling game set in the world of H. P. Lovecraft.
Age 10 and up
3 to 6 Players
30 to 45 minutes Average Play Time

Grand Gamers Guild The Artemis Project

For 1-5 Players. Ages 13+
60-75 minute playing time
Players will score for resources, buildings, colonists, and expeditions
Dice function differently at every location--all rolls are important!

High Treason! The Trial of Louis Riel Second Edition Card Game

Assured for high quality and standards
Our products fulfill the requirements of our end usersContent
Game Board
51 Trial Cards
12 Juror Cards

CMON Lorenzo Il Magnifico

Many paths to victory - players can focus on a building strategy, developing their territory, or collecting as many characters as they can get their hands on. Victory can be achieved many ways.
Asymmetric strategies - each game starts with a draft, and players select the leaders they Hope to recruit. Everyone also starts with a personal bonus tile that will direct their strategy.

Mayfair Games Caverna: The Cave Farmers

For 1-7 Players
30 minute playing time
Tons of replay value
Great strategy game
For 1-7 players
Takes about 30 minutes to play for each player
Tons of replay value
Great strategy game

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