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SCSI Cables

Amphenol Internal SCSI Cable Ultra320 with SCSI Terminator Adapter (6X 68-Pin Connectors up to 5 Devices)

Ultra SCSI-3 U320 Internal Cable with LVD Terminator. P/N 6296-2359
Premium Quality: Amphenol spectra strip AWM 80C LL31941 150V
6x Connectors up to 5x Devices (1 for controller / 5 for devices)
Total Length: 48-inch, Controller to 1st device 24-inch. Distance between Devices 5-inch
SCSI Ultra 160 backwards compatibility

3ft Db25 Male to Cn50 Male Scsi 25-conductors Cable

DB25Pin to 50Pin SCSI Cable (1) DB25 Male
(1) Centronics 50-Pin Male Designed with a foil and braided shield overwrapping a twisted-pair construction
high quality wire that provides data integrity and maximum immunity to EMI/RFI interference
Molded connectors provide strain relief and add additional protection against EMI/RFI interference
Length: 3ft

Tripp Lite SCSI Ultra2/160/U320 LVD Cable (VHDCI68M/HD68M) 3-ft.(S455-003)

Short length cable for server to external storage applications
Meets the most current SCSI specifications for high-speed devices
1 VHDCI68 male connector on first end
1 HD68 male connector on second end
Standard lifetime warranty

Monoprice 100749 6-Feet HPDB50 M/DB25 M SCSI Cable Molded (100749)

Half Pitch D-Subminiature 50 pin (HPDB50) male to D-Subminiature 25 pin (DB25) male SCSI Cable
25 Twisted Pairs
Once the standard for high bandwidth throughput connections between mass storage devices SCSI technology evolved to include a vast array of ever improving standards with complex combinations of connection standards
SCSI is still widely used on many legacy systems but finding the right type of cable for your system can be difficult

StarTech.com 6 ft External VHD68 to HPDB68 SCSI Cable - M/M - SCSI External Cable - Ultra160 - LVD - 68 pin VHDCI (M) to HD-68 (M) - 6 ft - SCSI33ARRAY6

SCSI external cable
68 pin VHDCI (M) to HD-68 (M)

AGPtek SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter Cable for Hard Drive Disk HDD 2.5" 3.5" with External AC Power Adapter

This USB 2.0 to IDE / SATA drive adapter implements a bridge between a USB port and one SATA, ATA or ATAPI based mass storage device port.

This usb hard drive adapter could turns any standard IDE or SATA drive into a convenient external drive. Easily transfer files from computer or notebook, back up files, or store large file archives on hard drives.

The Hi-Speed USB interface provides for easy installation with its Plug and Play design. The ide to usb adapter supports all existing IDE/ATAPI devices such as a CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and 2.5 and 3.5 IDE and SATA hard drives.

Monoprice 6-Feet HPDB50 M/M SCSI Cable 25PR (100745)

Half Pitch D-Sub 50 pin (HPDB50) SCSI cable
25 twisted pairs
High quality interconnect cable for SCSI devices
Monoprice continually strives to improve its product line to bring our customers the best products available
Therefore changes may be made to listed specifications without prior notice
Item received may not match photo or specs shown

StarTech.com 6 ft External VHD68 to HPDB68 SCSI Cable - M/M - SCSI External Cable - Ultra160 - LVD - 68 pin VHDCI (M) to HD-68 (M) - 6 ft - SCSI33ARRAY6

SCSI external cable
68 pin VHDCI (M) to HD-68 (M)

StarTech.com 50cm Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable - SFF-8484 to 4x SATA (SAS84S450)

Flexible, high speed SAS cable allows for easy installation and improved airflow
Provides a fast data transfer rate of up to 6 Gbps
Connect 4 drives to 1 controller

Your Cable Store 10 Foot DB25 25 Pin Serial Port Cable Male/Male RS232

10 feet long
DB25 male connectors on each end
Straight-through (Not a NULL modem cable)

CableWholesale SCSI Terminator, Centronics 50 (CN50) Male, One End, Passive

Warranty: Lifetime
Connection: Centronics 50 Male Plug
Designed to terminate a CN50 SCSI cable
Stabilizes impedance for SCSI data bus transfer
Eliminates your SCSI devices' erratic crashes with a SCSI terminator

C2G 07859 SCSI-3 Ultra2 LVD/SE MD68 M/M Cable, Thumbscrew, Beige (6 Feet, 1.82 Meters)

USE- Cost-effective solution for connecting RAID cards to external high-speed SCSI peripherals and storange area networks(SANS)
COMPATIBLE- This external cable meets these needs by increasing bus bandwidths which allows greater configuration flexibility backward compatibility and faster transfer rates
PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Double shielded wires with twisted pair construction to minimize interference for optimal performance.

Vaster SCSI Cable, VHDCI SCSI (SCSI-5) LVD/SE Cable - .8mm 68-pin VHDCI Male to Male (6 Ft)

VHDCI SCSI (SCSI-5) LVD/SE Cable - .8mm 68-pin VHDCI Male to Male
VHDCI 0.8 mm 68 pin Male to Male External Cable

6 Ft 25-Pin DB25 Male to 68-Pin HD68 Male External SCSI Cable SCSI-HD68-DB25-06

This cable is designed to connect a high-density 68-pin device into a 25-pin SCSI device.
The 25-pin side of this cable is for SCSI use only.
You cannot and should not try to adapt between 68-pin SCSI and a 25-pin parallel port.
Doing so will likely result in damage to the port on your computer and/or other devices.

IDC50 Active Internal 50-Pin Male SCSI Terminator for Ribbon Cables - ST-502

100% Brand New
Internal terminating resistor for SCSI IDC-50 ribbon cables Used to terminate SCSI 50 pin ribbon cable
Ideal for cleaning up termination problems in drives
Professional quality and construction
Gold-plated contacts

Monoprice 100703 3-Feet 0.8 mm/HPDB68-Meter VHDCI 0.8mm SCSI Cable, Offset Assy Type (100703)

8mm to High Density D-Sub 68 pin (HPDB68) connector for connecting SCSI storage devices and other compatible peripherals
VHDCI stands for Very High Density Cable Interconnect
This cable features an assembly type offset connector on the 0
8mm connector side which means that the connector has a two piece shell
That is held together by screws and the connector is not centered on the face of the connector housing
VHDCI SCSI cables with 68-pin 0

C2G 02664 DB25 M/M Serial RS232 Cable, Beige (3 Feet, 0.91 Meters)

Connect your printer, modem or other RS-232 serial/parallel device to a switchbox
Connector 1: (1) DB25 Male
Connector 2: (1) DB25 Male
Lifetime Warranty
Available in lengths up to 100ft

C2G/Cables to Go 20710 LVD/SE VHDCI .8mm 68-Pin Male to SCSI-3 MD68 Male Thumbscrew Cable (6 Feet)

Connect advanced SCSI multiport applications to RAID controllers
Connector 1: (1) VHDCI-68 Male
Connector 2: (1) MD68 Male
Available in lengths up to 6ft
Lifetime Warranty

Amphenol CS-VHDCIMX200-006 VHDCI SCSI-5 Cable, VHDCI Male to Male, 6 m, 20', Black

Brand Name Amphenol
Cable Length 20 feet feet
Color black
Connector Gender male-to-male
EAN 0812834023892
Model Number CS-VHDCIMX200-006
Number of Items 1
Part Number CS-VHDCIMX200-006

Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480A SCSI CardBus Kit with Cables/Manuals/Software

Genuine, Original Models.
New Items have 90 day guarantees.
Used Items have 60 day guarantees.
In Stock and Ready to Ship. Customer are responsible for compatiblity.

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