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Let’s face it, buying toys and games in Israel is definitely not a fun experience.  Unlike toys from the U.S., toys in Israel are usually knock-offs of the originals imported from either China or other countries.  They lack the quality to last and in extreme circumstances aren’t really safe.  And if by chance you do find a name brand here, it’s going to cost you.  That’s why its so exciting to see so many toys, especially the classics found on Amazon for shipment to Israel.

When it comes to games, Israel does offer many of the classics, but at what cost? 

We took a look at two classic games – Monopoly (Classic version) and Settlers of Catan (Classic version). In both cases we compared them to prices on the online store Zap.

Monopoly: Zap, up to $30 MORE! (not including shipping)

Settlers of Catan:  Zap, up to $14 MORE! (not including shipping)

As always, it’s important to shop around, as not all games are cheaper but these are just a couple of examples we found of popular ones.

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