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The majority of beauty and personal care products are applied to the skin, which is the largest organ of human body and which actually covers your entire body. It is waterproof and is responsible for protecting your internal organs from other harmful external forces including germs, bacteria, the elements, as well as a multitude of other factors.

The different layers of the skin are constantly rejecting dead cells and regenerating new cells so that the epidermis is completely replaced every thirty days. This property enables it to heal itself when it is cut, burned or damaged in other ways. However, this regenerative process slows down over time, which is why our skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner thus causing wrinkles and sagging over time. The skin can also be irreparably damaged over time when it is not taken care of properly, which is why it is important to maintain a regular skincare routine.

Skincare Products

While healthy eating and drinking enough water can help promote buoyancy and staying out of direct exposure to sunlight can help to reduce the chances of skin damage or certain types of skin cancer, using the right skincare products can also help to retain the skin’s youthfulness and protect your skin from damage. Some basic necessities include toners, moisturizers, sunscreen and make-up remover.

You should also try to buy products that suit your skin type, as using products for the wrong skin-type can have adverse effects. For instance, using a moisturizer that is meant for dry skin on oily skin could cause more acne, as dry skin products are designed to help trap the moisture that is escaping on from the skin.  

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