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There’s nothing more intimate and generates more loyalty amongst men and women than beauty and personal care. Whether your a woman who started wearing a particular brand of makeup as a teenager or a man who likes a certain type of deodorant or cologne, lets face we hate change.

For many who have moved to Israel its a struggle. Either you can’t find your brand and have to time visits by friends and relatives to bring it, or if you do find your brand here it can be up to 5x more expensive! And why go with the Israeli brands if you now have a choice.

Amazon offers an absolutely fantastic array of name brand products that ship to Israel. From makeup and hygiene to general toiletries there’s now no need to compromise.

Advice – For soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents, it still may be worthwhile to buy in Israel as the water here is different (harder) from that in the U.S. so the formulations may differ.

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